Presidential speech banned in schools but Capitalism screams loudly

A teacher writes about her experience when QSP, a fundraising company owned by Time Inc., visits her school.
[caution: don’t read this while eating]

“The screaming is the opening to the annual school fundraiser assembly, kicking off a couple of weeks of good, capitalist behavior by our country’s youngest army of salespeople.

They will be rewarded for their efforts with prizes: The baby hoodie keychain/cellphone/music player holder is the teeny starter, with an electric guitar, iPod touch, or $250-dollar American Express card at the other end, for those who can outsell the rest.

Even better? Students who sell fast will be entered into a drawing, their names being placed into the money machine, a chamber with air blowing money around. Keep what you catch.

QSP hires the bubbliest, most cheerful motivators in order to get the kids pumped up about selling! Presented in a tone of voice with ever-more exclamation points!!!

“Time Inc. can breach the school walls to talk to kids, but the president of the United States cannot.

In my school a message was sent to teachers that, though not forbidding the showing of the president’s speech, did suggest to any teacher reading between the lines that playing this speech was discouraged, and anyone wishing to do so would have to jump through hoops.

It seems that private business trumps the government, no matter how much money the government dishes out.


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